Welcome to the Rotary Club of Newport, Vermont

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Newport Vermont. Our club was organized on July 16, 1924 under the sponsorship of the Rotary Clubs of Sherbrooke, Quebec and St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

We received our Charter No, 1808 on August 26th 1924.

Our club meetings are held at 12:15 p.m. every Tuesday at the Eastside Restaurant located on beautiful Lake Memphremagog.


Club Officers

President: Mary Hoadley

President Elect: Andrew Carbine

Vice President: Scott Boskind

Treasurer: Patsy Tompkins

Secretary: Robin Coulter

Past President: Kelly Deslauriers

Upcoming Speakers
Upcoming Speakers
Jeff Como
Dec 01, 2020
Make-a-Wish Dad (Candy)
Bob Caslen
Dec 08, 2020
Home grown boy, turned 3-star general, turned president of USC (Jim J)
DG Jaime Milne is joining us on Zoom
Dec 15, 2020
Updates on all Rotary
Past Speakers
Dr. Bud Vana
Nov 24, 2020
Home grown young man, now a doctor (Mary)