Elia lead us in song with "sining in the Rain" while noting that the forecast was for a rainy weekend and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".   "It's a big week boys and girls," Elia proclaimed.
Music Festival week with the concerts on Friday and Saturday.  Rotarians volunteered and all support positions were filled.
There will be an Annual Foundation Fundraiser event on April 16th at Terrie's house.  This will include social time and food so mark your calendar! Birthday wishes were extended to Charlie and David.     
Michelle Tarryk introduced the new fundraising calendar that NEKLS is doing, WOMEN OF THE NEK.  It's very nice and available for $15.  See Michelle for one.
Today's Raffle was back to the beginning with 52 cards in the deck for a $398 Jackpot.  Doug Spates felt lucky, but not that lucky.